Student Study Visa to Permanent Resident in Canada 2024

Let’s talk about the Student Study Visa to Permanent Resident in Canada-This article/post is for you if you want to convert your student study visa to permanent resident visa in Canada.

Student Study Visa to Permanent Resident in Canada.

Becoming a Canadian resident gives brings so many opportunities your way. You get work at any company of your choice and for any employer, you get to travel in and out of Canada at will, get to sponsor your family member, relative, or spouse to Canada, and the best part is that you can live in Canada forever without fear of being sent back home except you lose your Permanent Resident permit.

Getting the Work Experience As A Student

When you get a study visa to study in Canada, you become eligible to work in Canada even while you are still studying. Since you are still studying though, you are allowed only a few hours in a week, and you are not allowed to work for certain employers without a study permit especially outside the campus. Although you can take up holiday jobs, and other jobs within campus without a work permit.

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The Canadian government also created a graduate work permit program that permits foreigners who completed their course program and have graduated from a Canadian university, to remain and work in Canada even when their student visa has expired. This is a bold move from the Canadian government to retain foreign graduates in Canadian in other to help boost their economy and also fill up vacant positions effectively.

These different jobs will ensure you get the needed working experience in Canada which is an important requirement when you apply for a permanent residence permit in Canada. Another important factor to keep in mind is that it will be faster for you to become a permanent resident if you have a valid job offer from an employer in Canada. Because you have already schooled in Canada, and probably gotten some experience, it is far easier for an employer to offer you a job or sponsor your permanent residence dreams. Here are some reasons why you need a sponsor in Canada.

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Steps On How To Change Your Student Visa to Permanent Resident Status

If you follow the steps mentioned on this post, then be sure you are going to become a permanent resident in no time using your student visa

Become A Student First In Canada

You must first be in Canada for this to work. So, you need to become a student in Canada first before you think of applying for permanent resident status. Here is a step-by-step process to becoming a student in Canada.

Get Some Working Experience While You Are At it

When you arrive in Canada, you should start thinking about getting a job, not just for the experience, but to help with the bills. Getting a job in Canada as a student is easy. You can choose to work during the holiday period full-time, or you can work a few hours while school is in session.

Student Study Visa to Permanent Resident in Canada
Student Study Visa to Permanent Resident in Canada

Ensure You Meet the Basic Permanent Residence Requirements

The basic permanent residency requirement is important. You have to meet each requirement to stand a chance. Here are some of the requirements.

  • You must have at least 12 months of working experience
  • Meet the language test requirement
  • Not be subject to a removal order
  • Have not been convicted of any serious crime and more

Choose the Permanent Resident Program For You

There are so many programs you can choose from when applying for a Canadian permanent resident permit as a student. However, here are my top three from the bunch

  • Canada Experience Class Program: which you can qualify for if you studied in Canada for at least 2 years and gained an educational credential.
  • Quebec Experience Class
  • Provincial Nominee Programs


For a student in Canada, the dream is to work in Canada after graduation to at least gain working experience in Canada. However, there immigration pathways in Canada that will allow you to easily become a permanent resident in Canada through your study visa.

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