Google Docs Tips Tricks Shortcuts to get the most out of Google Docs

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Google Docs Tips Tricks Shortcuts to get the most out of Google Docs-For a long time, Microsoft Word virtually monopolized the word processing game. If someone has a writing project, he often reaches for MS Word to get it going.

Google Docs Tips Tricks Shortcuts to get the most out of Google Docs

But in the last few years, Google Docs has emerged as a powerful alternative, gaining immense popularity and even being able to replace MS Word in many users’ digital lives as regards to Google Docs Tips Tricks Shortcuts to get the most out of Google Docs.

Google’s online word processing service allows you to create and edit documents online. Unlike MS Word, it is available for free. It works so well that it has become our go-to word processor for many reasons. The biggest reason is its easy-to-obtain, uncomplicated interface customized for sharing.

With Google Docs, users can simply open an online processor and start a writing project without getting caught up in digital white noise.

But don’t let its rustic look fool you. The app hides a lot of very useful features that make your writing process even easier.

So if you’re a Google Docs user, here are 10 handy tips to help you write more efficiently. when it comes to Google Docs Tips Tricks Shortcuts to get the most out of Google Docs.

Google Docs Tip: Change font size instantly

All writers know and agree that writing can be difficult, but the real headache is the format of the document. Highlighting, bullets and changing fonts are all very tedious.

However, when using Google Docs, changing the font size within a document is as easy as pressing multiple keys at the same time.

Word processors have a shortcut command to change the font size, which is also very easy. All you need is instructions with the button shift and the period (.) Press the key to increase the font size of the document, decrease the font size by simply pressing the key. instructions together shift and comma (,) Key for Mac. For Windows, the Command key should be replaced with the following key: Control The key and rest remain the same.

Google Docs Tip: Instantly know your word count

Most writers have a love-hate relationship with word count. But love it or hate it, you have to keep word count in mind when you write. Google Docs also has a shortcut for that.

On Windows you have to press . Control+Shift+Cfor Mac, you need to press . Command + Shift + C Gets the exact character count details of a document.

you can also go to tool at the top of the document, word count From there, if you want to see the actual word count of the document, just check the little box next to it in the same window. Show character count while typing. Even as you work on your document, you’ll see a small box at the bottom of your screen showing the actual word count.

Google Docs Tip: Fix formatting with a tap of the roller

Keeping formatting uniform throughout a document can be tedious. Having to modify font sizes, colors, types, and paragraph styles in different places within the same document to give it a “uniform” look is particularly arduous.

Well, instead of changing formatting section by section (or possibly word by word, depending on the complexity of things), you can just use the Google Docs tools to make your formatting job easier. paint roller icon in the toolbar above the document select the text First select the formatting you want to copy, then Click the paint roller icon And finally, select all the text you want to reformat and voila. it is done.

Google Docs Tip: Add fonts to your lighting arsenal

If the fonts in the font dropdown list don’t quite meet your needs, Google Docs gives you the option to add more fonts to the list.

All you have to do is go to the font list and select the first option. Other fonts. This will bring up a list of new fonts on the screen. Choose what you like and add it to your list so you don’t have to look for it later.

Google Docs Tip: Insert images from anywhere

Google Docs is a word processor, but you can enter more than just words in your documents. You can also add images to your document to make it more interesting and informative. It’s also very easy. All you have to do is put in Select the menu option and click Image.

Does it sound everyday? Google Docs literally gives you the option to pick an image from anywhere. You can upload from your device or the web, or choose from Google Drive or Photos among other options.

Google Docs Tip: Using dictionaries in documents

While editing or writing documents, we often come across unfamiliar words. You can now go to your browser and open another web page to type a word and find out what it means. Alternatively, you can stay inside the document and do all your work.

With Google Docs, you can look up the meaning of any word without leaving the document. Just place the cursor on the word you want to look up the meaning of and press . Command + Shift + Y on Mac, and Control+Shift+Y on Windows.

Word meanings are displayed in the right side panel using Google Docs’ own built-in dictionary.

Google Docs Tip: Translate a document into another language

One of the most useful tools in Google Docs, it allows you to completely change your document into another language. There are over 133 languages ​​to choose from from the list, giving you options to make your documents accessible to different audiences. To translate your content, simply visit: tool Select in the menu and translate a document option.

Clicking on it will bring up an alphabetical drop-down list of translatable languages.Scroll to find what you are looking for and click translationDocuments displays the translated version of the document in a separate window while preserving the original document.

We recommend that you do not use this translation for official purposes (the translation may be flawed), but it is often a useful option if you want to understand some basic points .

Google Docs Tip: Add people and work on the same document with different roles

This is a very popular and useful feature of Google Docs. Not only can you share your documents with others, but you can also add multiple people to the same document and work on the same file at the same time.

This is a particularly useful feature for teams working remotely on the same project. To use this feature, share The icon appears in a blank bar in the upper right corner of your document. Then start typing the name/email address of the person you want to add to the document, end button. And just as easily, the document is open to anyone you give access to.

What’s interesting is that different roles can be assigned to different users. Some can edit, some can comment, and some can only view.

Google Docs Tip: Share specific parts of a document

If there’s a part of your document that needs to get a specific person’s attention, you can use Google Docs’ “tags” feature to get that person’s attention.

To do this, simply select the text you want to see (if you want to see the entire document, just share it as shown earlier), right-click and press the Control key at the same time. .

Select from the options that appear add comment Then proceed to add comments and simply use @ Enter the person’s name in the box that pops up. If it already exists in your contact list, its name will pop up. If not, you can also add a new person by writing an email.

You can also add comments if you want, @ Typing the person’s name will tag that person to a specific part of the document so that they can see it.

Google Docs Tip: Publish your document as a web page

If you create a document in Google Docs, you can actually transfer it to your website as a proper web page.

All you have to do is File menu option, share Select an option, then publish on the web.Then you will see the following options Link again embed your document.

select Link If you just want to give others a link to view your docs on the web (no need to share your docs, just send them a link and they’ll see all your docs online).

However, if you want the document to be part of your website, embed And cut and paste the generated code. This can be pasted into the code of the website that displays the document.

just hit the big blue Release After selecting an option, click the button and you will be done with Google Docs Tips Tricks Shortcuts to get the most out of Google Docs.

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