Top 10 Careers in Computer Science and Engineering

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Here are the Top 10 Careers in computer science and Engineering for everyone who are willing to acquire a skill in computer science and engineering. This is like a guide and a work-through in order to get the best you can get in the end.

Introduction to Top 10 Careers in Computer Science and Engineering

  1. Web development

Website development can be seen as the process of using multiple programming languages to create a websites.

It means using multiple programming knowledge to generate a website, it involves combination of two or three languages.

It may be more than three sometimes depending on what the web developer tends to achieve with the website.

  1. Website designing

This is the process of making websites without having any computer programming knowledge.

Website designing is all about making websites online using online website designing platforms.

Some online website designing platforms are WordPress and Blogger; I mentioned this two platform out of experience because I have used the two of them and still using WordPress till today.

I am currently using WordPress to publish this post, so technically; I made this particular website using WordPress.

Though I am a wed developer, but most times I also use WordPress and blogger to design a website or a blog site.

  1. Graphics Designing

This is the study and mastering of graphic software to be used in generating graphic designs.

Graphics is already booming in the market considering the fact that many companies want their brands to be seen outside.

It is used in telling the public about a particular thing, it makes it easier for people to understand and grab information.

It is a nice career recommend for anyone willing to take a career in computer science and engineering.

  1. Blogging and SEO content writing

This is a process of sharing your ideas and thoughts online for people to view and also make comments about the said subjects.

It involves telling the public about a particular thing, the ideas you share might be your passions; i.e. what you like doing best.

The stuffs shared will go a long way in helping people searching for those specific things to achieve what they are looking for.

It also includes writing articles or posts that ranks in Google for search engine optimization (SEO), this entails that you must write stuffs that are needed by the public.

  1. Website Management

This is a skill that helps one to manage various types of website across the globe. The websites might be a WordPress website or Blogger websites.

WordPress is the biggest website designing and management platform in the world making it easier and convenient for people to use.

Blogger is the second largest website designing and management platform after WordPress.

It is a Google owned website platform, it is a free website and blog sites platform to use, both for hosting and domain names, but you can also decide to purchase your own domain and customize.

  1. Software development

It gives people opportunity to develop desktop applications or software for desktop base devices.

It is a combination of multiple computer programming languages to create something tangible and meaningful to the computer users.

All the software we are using today including the software I am using currently to type this articles were all made with the help of software development.

  1. Computer analyst

Computer analysts are the ones responsible for Consulting with managers to determine the role of IT systems in an organization.

And, they also take the role of Design and implementation of new systems by choosing and configuring hardware and software in the said organization.

Analysts also, Oversees the installation and configuration of new systems to customize them for the organization considering the organizational benefits and goals.

  1. Mobile Application Development

This skill helps one to develop mobile based apps of any kind. All the mobile apps we are using today was developed and designed with the help of this knowledge.

This skill also let the developer to make a web based apps like Facebook, Google, Whatsapp, twitter, Instagram and many more.

  1. Hardware Engineer

This is general term used for those managing hardware parts or components of the computer.

This is where you will learn computer maintenance and repair, as well as other electronic devices.

I bet you it’s a nice career to choose in computer science and engineering.

  1. Game development

These skills will enable you to make both computer based games and mobile based games.

All the games we play today, either in computer desktop, laptop and in mobile phones are all made with game development knowledge and skills.

Conclusion on Top 10 Careers in computer science.

Computer science and engineering is a nice course to read in any higher institution looking at the fact that there are lots of opportunities for them and also the Top 10 Careers in computer science.

All you have to do is to choose any skill your brain can be able to absorb and learn I assure you that success will be your name in the end.

Those skills mentioned are self employed and you can also be employed by a firm or a tech company.

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