Installation of Windows Operating System

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So Installation of Windows Operating System is the usually performed when you purchase a brand new computer or when you feel something has gone wrong in your computer in order to start the computer afresh as a first user and also in order to solve a particular problem.

Introduction to Installation of Windows Operating System

It might interest you to note that Microsoft Windows is a group of several proprietary graphical operating system families developed and marketed by Microsoft. Each family caters to a certain sector of the computing industry. For instance, Windows NT for consumer and corporate desktops, Windows Server for servers, and Windows IoT for embedded systems.

Making it one of the best operating system in the world, known for it user friendly and easy to use with accessible software all around the internet and physical tech stores.

How to install Windows Operating System

Installation of Windows Operating System

While the computer is logged ON

  • Insert the formatting disk or the windows OS disk
  • Shutdown or restart the computer
  • Press f8, f9 or f12 fo boot options depending on the computer
  • Select boot from CD ROM, select flash drive or external HDD depending on the drive you are using for the installation.
  • Press enter
  • Allow to load windows setup
  • Select your language (default is English language)
  • Click next
  • Allow to load partition environment
  • Choose your partitioning
  • Select the main drive and click format
  • Click next to enter loading environment
  • Allow it to load, it may take couple of time to load everything
  • Allow it to restart by itself
  • Choose a name for the PC probably the name of the owner
  • Choose password
  • Allow system setting automatically


Installation of operating system on your laptop could be the best thing that have happened to you since it helps in solving so many problems more than you can imagine.

So take the right approach in order to get it right to avoid damage in the process of the installation which is exactly what this post is all about.

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