Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2024

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Let’s talk about Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2024 for all the tech student who are willing to expand or to enhance their skills for a better future

Introduction to Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2024

google africa developer scholarship 2023-Google LLC is an American multinational technology company, founded in September 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, they specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

Google is one the most successful company in the whole wide world. They have many platforms, that is to say that Google is not just what you see online but far better than that with also andela google scholarship 2023.

This google africa scholarship 2023 is a type of scholarship that if you eventually engaged in it I assure you will get to which ever destination you wish to in life as long as you put your interest and determinations in studying.

Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2024

The main objective or goal of this google developer scholarship 2023 is to continuously engage with aspiring and existing developers to help them become professional developers with skills that can get them opportunities after the program. And remember that pluralsight scholarship 2023 was a successful one in the end.

Thus, Application for the 2024 Google Africa Development Scholarship is ongoing and interested applicants are invited to apply for this awesome package on time so as to make a better way.

Platforms or companies like Grow with Google, Andela and Pluralsight have partnered with Google to provide a new program to support software developers in Africa on Android, Google Cloud and Mobile Web skills development tracks.

Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2024
Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2024

Benefits of Google Africa Developer Scholarship

Candidates will receive free, limited-time access to Pluralsight Skills, with handpicked courses focused on one of three areas: Associate Android Developer, Google Cloud Engineering, or Mobile Web Specialist.

Requirements for Google Africa Developer Scholarship Qualification

For one to be able to participate in the Google Africa Certification Scholarship program, he or she must be at least 18 years of age and be a resident of a country in Africa. And also have an existing skill for it will help to fasten your learning.

Method or Processes of Application

  • Fill out registration form
  • Complete on boarding survey using the same email used for registration
  • Watch one or more hours of content in the Mobile Web Specialist foundations channel or foundational deep dive channels

Also note that Android, Google cloud and mobile web are the tracks available for one to choose depending on your expectations in life as regards to this google africa developer training program 2024.


Applying for this google africa developer scholarship 2024 is a nice decision to make as long as you are a tech lover and willing to take your skills to a better level with Google experience. This andela scholarship 2024 will help you develop your skills and also go far in life with the skills you will get after the scholarship duration.

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